MAL Training

Organizational Strategy (Succession Planning, Management & Mentoring

Course Profile / Background
In an increasingly unpredictable environment, businesses need to look beyond the traditional and find new ways to stay ahead. Develop breakthrough strategies to renew and create new sources of competitive advantage. Bridge the gap between strategy and innovation, and give your organization the competitive edge. Discover ground-breaking and creative new approaches on this Organizational Strategy course. Following this intensely practical programme, you return to work ready to drive shareholder value through innovative succession planning approach.

Target Participants
Senior Management of public & private organizations, Departmental heads

Course Objectives
At the end of the course, participants will be able to enhance their abilities and possess the tools required to formulate and communicate strategic initiatives for achieving competitive advantage, possess the skills required to achieve high quality performance in the area of organization/strategic planning, acquire problem-solving skills , enhance quality of decision-making and appreciate the need for forward planning, survival and corporate strategies in the current economic and social dispensation

Course Outlines