MAL Training

Customer Management : Exceptional Customer Service

Course Profile / Background
Excellent customer service is a must have for any organization for survival in today’s business climate. For the achievement of set goals in an organization, it is very important that every member of staff has a practical knowledge on how to relate with and manage his/her customers since ultimately, the organization exists because of the customers, who in turn are responsible for the sustenance of that organization, directly or indirectly

Target Participants
Customer Service Officers & Sales Reps

Course Objectives
The course is designed to equip participants with practical down-to-earth knowledge of how to relate with customers with the intent of retaining them and growing their client base through skills that win customers over. At the end of the training, participants would have developed skills that will help them match their customers’ expectation with their service delivery. They will be better at managing and retaining customers too.

Course Outlines