MAL Training

Monitoring and Evaluation Skills

Course Profile / Background
The success and achievement of full impact of any project is majorly dependent on how it is run and deliverables measured. Tracking the success or progress of any such project or program is hinged on the possession of good skills and knowledge of monitoring and evaluation. Monitoring and evaluation are therefore, essential to improving the effectiveness of any project or program. Careful project monitoring allows managers to make appropriate decisions on a day-to-day basis and ensures that projects are carried out as planned or designed and modified when necessary. Evaluation makes it possible for project managers to understand and demonstrate the results of their work, arrive at the best strategies for achieving their goals and document lessons learned to improve future programs.

Target Participants
Middle and senior level project managers, monitoring and evaluation managers, project monitors, evaluators, team leaders and any staff directly or indirectly involved in monitoring and/or evaluating projects.

Course Objectives
At the end of the training, participants would have understood the principles and procedures for effective project monitoring and evaluation. They would also be able to formulate and use the logical framework analysis to monitor and evaluate projects, improve their ability to gather, manage, and communicate project information and learn methods to evaluate project effectiveness and impact.

Course Contents

•    Introduction to monitoring and evaluation terms and concepts
•    Difference between monitoring and evaluation
•    Monitoring techniques – advantages and disadvantages
•    Advantages and disadvantages of various monitoring techniques
•    Role of Logical Framework Analysis throughout the project life cycle
•    Objectively verifiable indicators and the means
•    Using MS Project for project monitoring
•    Reporting methods
•    Collecting, analyzing and storing information
•    Communicating M&E findings for action and accountability
•    Evaluation techniques
•    Evaluation of team projects 

Course Delivery
Taught lectures and will involve short theoretical inputs and demonstrations, focus group discussions. Participants will review their existing monitoring and reporting formats and will be able to modify them based on the methods learnt in the workshop.

Course Outlines