MAL Training

Time Management and Organizational Skills

Course Profile / Background
Time is critically of essence in achieving targeted goals and objectives and the ineffective use and management of time reduces efficiency and ultimately affects the productivity of any individual. This also in turn affects the productivity of the organization. Thus acquiring up-to-date skills in time management is very vital to success

Target Participants
All Staff

Course Objectives
Time management as related to productivity in an organization and basic organizational skills would be the focus of the training. At the end of the programme, participants will be able to manage themselves efficiently in relation to time available for their tasks, identify areas of irrelevant time consumption and control interruptions. They will also be able to plan, prioritize activities and utilize time more productively.

Course Contents

  • Scheduling
  • Setting Priorities and actualizing them
  • Filing and office organization
  • S.W.O.T analysis in relation to task delivery
  • Effective Delegation and Time Management
  • Identifying and dealing with time wasters
  • Managing meetings
  • Management of Time in relation to leisure and health
  • Stress Management 

Course Delivery
Course delivery will be through taught sessions, syndicate exercises, case studies, group discussions and video shows.

Course Outlines