MAL Training

Leadership with Emotional Intelligence - Team Focus

Course Profile / Background
Great Leadership in this day business or corporate world is one that is measured by the level of the performance of one’s team and how productive such a team is under that leader. A good leader therefore must be visionary a team player and someone with good knowledge of positioning team members, and a creative use of resources.

Target Participants
Unit & Dept Heads, Project & Branch Managers

Course Objectives
The aim of the training is to equip participants with the knowledge on the importance of teams in a workplace environment, and how teams are created and maintained. Leaders will also learn best practices in maximizing the strength of their teams and how to strengthen weak links to gain maximum advantage. Participants will be able to problem solve as parts of a team and also learn how to minimize conflicts.

Course Contents

•    Principles and Concept of Leadership
•    Leadership styles for different work environments
•    Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  •  Emotional Intelligence Tools and techniques for modern day leadership
  •  Relationship management skills
  • Communication as an effective leadership tool

•    Definition and characteristics of teams
•    Creating and managing an effective team
•    The importance and types of teams for the workplace,
•    Decision making and problem solving as a team
•    Creating your team and making it work
•    The hidden laws of teams
•    Dealing with team conflict


Course Delivery
Course delivery will be through taught sessions, team-building games, analyzing case studies, focus group discussions and video shows. Participants would also engage in role play exercises.

Course Outlines