MAL Training

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Course Profile / Background
Emotional intelligence (EI) has become well known throughout the business world as a crucial component of leadership effectiveness. Intellect and business expertise can only carry you so far if emotional intelligence is lacking. It becomes imperative therefore, for leaders to understand how to channel their emotions to enhance team productivity and positive relationships.

Target Participants
Managing Directors, Strategic Unit Managers, Heads of Departments and other senior officers.

Course Objectives
Participants will learn what emotional intelligence is and how it impacts on work teams and productivity. They will also learn how mentoring subordinates can be made fluid and fruitful through understanding and applying Emotional Intelligence. They will be able to discover their levels of EI and how to inspire helpful communication and manage conflict.

Course Contents

  • Defining Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its impact on effective leadership
  • Making the business case for EI
  • Relating the behaviors, impact, and challenges of EI on workplace performance
  • Identifying your critical work relationships and their importance to your role as a leader
  • Explaining the EI Competency Framework
  • Utilizing EI to increase effectiveness in critical work relationships
  • Gaining Personal Insight into Your EI Competencies through a Self-Assessment
  • Tools and Techniques for Increasing Competence in the Four Domains of EI
  • Relationship between Leadership Styles and Emotional Competence
  • Recognizing the impact of EI on work and team relationships
  • Links between EI and conflict management

Course Delivery
Course delivery will be through taught sessions, analyzing case studies, focus group discussions and video shows. Participants would also engage in role play exercises.

Course Outlines