MAL Training

Growing your enterprises – From seed to fruit

Course Profile / Background
We live in a world now that is gradually shifting from white collar job source of only income to an enterprise or small scale business driven economy. With more countries focusing on developing local content and youth empowerment, the creation, development and growth of small businesses becomes a major focus. So many business founders come up with a good idea, yet they are unable to scale their companies for growth. It is good to know that every business is unique, but there are certain key precepts to follow for success.

Target Participants
Small Business owners

Course Objectives
The course is designed to help new entrants into entrepreneurship understand the basic scope of growing their businesses and staying on track as they pursue their organizational vision. At the end, participants would be able to relate with the whole concept of business and situate it in their various locations for profit.

Course Contents

  • Understanding the concept of timing
  • Branding
  • Researching The Market
  • Scaling the sales
  • Making technology work for you
  • Taming business stress

Course Delivery
Course delivery will be through taught sessions, analyzing case studies and focus group discussions.

Course Outlines