MAL Training

Marketing Psychology and Customer Management

Course Profile / Background
The ability for a company to keep its products or services above those of its competitors is a feat that all organizations strive to achieve and maintain. In this day business world where every other competitor is marketing the same product or service, it becomes very necessary for an organization to create its own unique selling proposition. Developing the best products or services is not necessarily the goal, but successfully getting them into the hands of those who need them is the bottom line.

Target Participants
Marketers, Sales representatives and anyone who interfaces with customers or clients on behalf of the organization.

Course Objectives
The course is designed to develop participants’ ability to apply psychological processes to marketing. At the end of the course also, participants would have developed skills on how to center the organization’s efforts around customer needs so as to enhance bonding with customers and ensure continuity of sales and retention of customers. They would be able to distinguish between consumers, customers and buyers and also understand market segments and how to apply the concept of target marketing.

Course Delivery
Course delivery will be through taught sessions, case studies.

Course Outlines