MAL Training

Employee Engagement - The Rules

Course Profile / Background
Leading an engaged workforce makes attainment of Organizational goals and objective very easy and workflow seamless. People are a unique resource in the Organization and for any organization that wants to emerge in these economic challenging times, employee engagement is a must. Employee Engagement is a feature of the relationship between the organization and its employees. Organizations need to put the right conditions in place for employees to be fully engaged and committed in achieving organizational goals and objectives.

Target Participants
Units and Department heads, HR Professionals, MDs and CEOs.

Course Objectives
The course is designed and packaged in such a way that at the end of the training, participants would be able to articulate the meaning of an engaged employee and how it affects performance, help them create a more dynamic, loyal and energized workforce and also understand employee needs and wants which will help them get the most out of people.

Course Delivery
Course delivery will be through taught sessions, syndicate exercises, case studies, group discussions and video shows.

Course Outlines