MAL Training

Leading with Emotional Intelligence - Team Focus

Course Profile / Background
Great Leadership in this day business or corporate world, is one that is measured by the level of the performance of one’s team and how productive such a team is under that leader. A good leader therefore must be a visionary and a good team player. Getting the best out of others is most times tied to one’s ability to identify and manage ones emotions and that of others. Great leaders must be emotionally aware, have the ability to harness people’s emotions and apply them to task. Every team leader or member must possess this in order to create an optimally performing team which can deliver on organizational goals and objectives

Target Participants
Senior and Middle Management Staff

Course Objectives
The course is designed and packaged in such a way that at the end of the training, participants would be able to develop ambitious but realistic plans to improve on their EQ and re-align it for effective team performance. Participants would learn how to better manage themselves and also manage others to improve the workplace environment and aid the creation of high performance teams. Participants would also be able to assess their leadership style and adopt best practices in leadership. Aspects of organizational communication as it relates to the attainment of set goals would be taught

Course Delivery
The course will be delivered through straight lectures, the use of team building games, case studies, practical presentation exercises, and video shows.

Course Outlines