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mal outsourcingHR Outsourcing is a key element in the success of your business. At MA we offer a wide range of human resources management alternatives that help make your business more efficient. Whether you are looking to recruit new personnel, improve the productivity of your staff or you want staff that will just work for you while we worry about them, our experienced staff and unique selection process produces the best candidates

Recruitment Management: We allow our clients to relax while we deal with the stress of finding and hiring the best qualified candidate for their business in a timely and cost effective manner. Our recruitment process is multi facilitated; including analysing the job requirements of our clients ‘company; attracting potential hires to apply for jobs; screening and selecting the right candidates; background and reference checks and integrating new hires to client organizations through a structured orientation programme.

Personnel Outsourcing: For many organisations doing coming into Nigeria to do business, staff recruitment, management of staff payroll, taxes, health,, social insurance and other personnel management challenges can be a hassle to business performance and cost management. At MA, we provide administrative, finance and project management staff to client organisations at fixed cost. Our international development and business management background and experience equips us to provide personnel outsourcing services to the following organisations

  • International NGOs running projects or supporting local NGOS in Nigeria
  • Local NGOs running funded projects on fixed budgets in Nigeria
  • Grant making organisations providing funding for projects in Nigeria
  • SMEs willing to outsource functional units, e.g. sales force

Talent Management: At MA we understand good talent management requires clearly articulated KPIs and a good relationship with employees. Our dedicated staff and ERP manage individual employees and functional teams I n client organisations. From managing sales force, HR team to project management team, our unique solution ensures that employees are productive.

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