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Strategic Financial Management

Course Profile / Background
In these days of global economic challenges, the need for the government unit of development closest to the people to properly manage financial resources cannot be over emphasized. Inspite of financial challenges, Government Agencies and Local Government Administrations in Nigeria must continue to fulfill their objectives by the identification of the possible strategies capable of maximizing their organization's net present value, the allocation of scarce capital resources among the competing opportunities, and the implementation and monitoring of the chosen strategy so as to achieve stated objectives

Target Participants
Heads of Government Agencies, Heads of Departments, Accountants

Course Objectives
The purpose of the course is to build Organisations to properly identify and maximize their revenue sources, systematically allocate resources, and prudently manage their resources. Participants will be exposed to the tools and the matrix of information needed to build and manage a financial strategy.

Start Date: Oct 08, 2018     End Date: Oct 11, 2018     Duration: 4 days

Location: Kaduna      Fee (Naira): 85,000     

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